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Don’t Let A Negative Review Ruin Your Brand Reputation

22 May Don’t Let A Negative Review Ruin Your Brand Reputation

[popupwfancybox id=”11″] By Remington Stone   Seeing a bad review on Yelp or any other sites without the proper response will hurt your company. Everyday users check online to read reviews about a restaurant or about a store before actually going to it. Don’t let your company get turned away because of a bad review.   Responding to all online reviews, whether positive or negative, is a crucial customer relationship tool to show them you care. If a customer writes a negative review, responding is a key way to solve the problem and show your sincerity to other potential customers. Respond to the negative review in a way to help their next experience or give them an incentive to come back. When other consumers see that you responded directly to this negative it will give the impression that you care and want to provide customer satisfaction.   The Must Do’s to Customer Reviews • Respond to all scenarios • Respond quickly • Follow up • Monitor Read the full article here: Small Business: How To Respond To Negative Online Reviews. Featured image: Google

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