Use Digital Marketing to Value Your Most Valuable Customers1 min read

Rather than devoting energy to reeling in new customers, focus on the needs of your existing customers.

It’s easy for any company to believe that growth is strictly defined by numbers. Too much of today’s marketing focuses on customer-acquisition, and not enough on customer experience optimization. Recently, Think with Google sat down with Allstate marketing VP Pamela Moy, to discover why and how this mindset must change. The article sheds light on the importance of improving your digital marketing strategy to value the most valuable customers.



Make the most of your digital marketing strategy.

Moy explains the importance of improving digital experience in order to increase customer lifetime value (CLV). Allstate discovered that they could indeed meet a number of customer needs online, with a few digital improvements. And fortunately enough, this kind of growth is possible due to advancements in marketing-related technology (such as Google’s intent signaling). By using this technology to personalize existing customers’ digital experience, Allstate was able to secure these customers’ future with the company.

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