Capturing the Digital Customer: A Brief History2 min read

Way back when I was in college, digital marketing wasn’t really “a thing.”  We talked about online shopping and wondered if it would ever work. Who knew that one day it would be socially acceptable to share pictures of our food with everyone. I never imagined shopping would be this easy and that tiny glasses could be fashionable again (sorry off topic).

Now that I create digital marketing strategies for a living I get to see how much marketing has evolved.

After reading this piece that sparked my nostalgia, I began to think about how we’ve evolved as marketers. Not only are we are able to measure results in real time, we can also tailor our advertising strategies to each consumer and learn about their new shopping behaviors. We’ve become so specific.

Consumer behavior has shifted in terms of the buying process. What we used to call the moment of truth has become a practice that involves research so in-depth, people have made careers out of it. Have you heard about milk blogs? They are a thing. Dairy vs non-dairy, for some people it’s like a life or death situation.   

It’s our job as marketers to love our clients just the way they are. Even though they follow questionable shopping patterns.  We need to be there for them and to predict these behaviors and changes to stay ahead of the trends. People now have a 3-second attention span -the attention span of a goldfish to be exact. And so we have 3 seconds to make an impact. Digital marketing allows us to test and experiment without target market, but it’s also a great way to reach the people you are actually trying to reach.

You can’t always live in the past,  so you need to learn how to marketing in the now. Head to the hub of digital marketing tips and tricks!