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Creative Digital Marketing Campaigns

Creative projects that grab attention

Creative campaigns aim to not only capture attention, but drive effective real-world awareness around brands. From creative solutions in film to community outreach programs. Pepper Gang helps you from idea to implementation. What ever your brand needs are, we’ve got the solution.

  • KNOWHEN Baby Audition Video

    Pepper Gang created a baby audition video series for our client to increase nationwide brand awareness.

  • Pepper Gang Brand Animated Video

    Pepper Gang video is a fully animated video that tells the story of how the Pepper Gang was born, our unique capabilities, superhero attitude and culture.

  • Scarinex Skin Care Tutorial Video

    The Scarinex skin care tutorial was one in a series of how-to's for beauty and skin care routines.

  • Volunteer Community Programs

    Have a non-profit or charity that is close to your brands heart? Pepper Gang can help you successfully implement, sponsor or organize a volunteer program.

  • Dare To Give

    Hitting the streets of Boston on a hot Summer day to say ``Thanks!`` to our local men and women working in the city of Boston.

  • Dare To Give

    #DareToGive program Pay It Forward. Volunteers went into the city and handed out bags to give back to the community and to dare others to Pay It Forward.

  • Product Giveaways

    Partner with community members to host a giveaway contest to drive brand awareness and participation.

  • Spot a Kia 2014

    Spot a Kia giveaway. Participants submitted photos and video if the 'spot a kia' car in the streets of NYC and New Jersey. Winner won a full expense paid trip to Atlantic City.

  • Spot A Kia 2015

    Relaunched successful Spot a Kia program to drive further brand awareness in the NY and North New Jersey metro area for Kia.