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It can be difficult to have your construction agency stand out against the others. With hundreds of companies operating out of Massachusetts alone, all offering very similar services, it can seem like earning contracts are just up to chance. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With powerful branding, you can make your agency rise above the rest. Here are our best tips for creating your company’s image.

Show Your Strengths


You want your brand to not only reflect the personality of your company, but to match the values of both your firm and your customers. Thus, a great starting point for choosing brand image is the things your construction agency does best.


Do past clients regard you as working hard on the clock?

Have you overcome major challenges?

Do you function especially well in a difficult urban setting?


Defining your agency’s superpower is the best place to start identifying your brand image. Once you have established your strengths, incorporate them into your logo, literature and advertisements. This will tell customers the main reason they should choose you in both an effective and engaging fashion.

If you want to further display your strengths, consider posting DIY videos or job site clips onto YouTube. After all, 68% of all contractors who use social media use YouTube. Thus, something as simple as showing how certain techniques are done or which tools should be used for what job can be a massive help. These videos can establish your agency as knowledgeable and helpful to a client before they even realize they need a job done.

Job Sites Are Your Brand


This is a major point that’s very relevant to construction. Whenever you are working on a project, remember: the job site is an extension of your brand. Any passersby should look at the work being done and only see the standard you want to hold your brand to. First and foremost this means clear and attractive signage. If people don’t know who’s doing the job, you can’t benefit from their perceptions.

You will also want to don your employees and equipment with your branding. And, since your employees will be bearing your moniker, make sure they are acting accordingly to brand guidelines when on the job site. If someone looks in and sees workers being lazy or reckless, they are surely going to associate that behavior with the logo on the job site. On the other hand, featuring the skills or stories of your employees through ads or digital content can establish brand trust and show clients who’s actually doing the work.

Lastly, try to negotiate leaving signage around after the job is finished. Letting people know that the beautiful new building that just went up was done by your agency will create positive brand associations.

Referrals: Live or Die By Them

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Referrals are more than just important, they are the backbone of your reputation. In fact, 95.5% of clients say that referral is the most important factor when selecting a construction company. This certainly doesn’t mean you should abandon all other forms of advertisement and outreach. But, it does mean that you should especially concentrate on promoting referrals and engaging with former clients.

This can be as simple as an email following completion of the job requesting a review on Yelp, Google or other sites. In fact, digital review platforms and directories are where many start their search for a construction agency. However, you can also try more elaborate strategies like requesting a quote to display on your website or sending out feedback surveys.

The most important thing is not to neglect feedback organically posted by clients, even the negative ones. We cannot emphasize this enough. If a former client leaves a rave review, respond with a thank you. However, if your agency gets hit with a one bad blast, don’t let it sit there. Reply and ask what could’ve been done better, and try to pinpoint their specific cause for concern. This will not only help you to improve and increase your customer satisfaction, but it will also establish a helpful and dedicated brand identity.

Use Outreach and Sponsorship to Build Local Reputation

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Think of fun, interesting ways to establish your brand identity among local citizens. After all, the people nearest you are your target audience. So, consider doing something like holding a charity drive, having a launch party or sponsoring a little league team. It will not only get your name out there among potential clients, but will associate it with caring about the community. This will increase trust, which is without a doubt, one of the top priorities for a construction agency’s brand identity.

Keep Your Brand Consistent

construction branding marketing

Branding is all about associating feelings and actions with imagery. This will obviously fail if the imagery is not consistent. Before you implement new branding, create a style sheet of your image and a plan for incorporating it. Then, make sure everything your company does fits those specifications exactly. Use the same colors, fonts, voice and overall personality to avoid confusing customers with a conflicting brand identity.

Ensure that your company is seen as a distinct entity, standing out from the rest. If you do so customers will remember your image, associate it with your strengths and you’ll increase your client base in no time.

Want more? Here are six tools your construction agency can use to monitor your brand image online!



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