Hey guys, we have a series of videos that talk about what you are doing wrong on Google Ads – visit our YouTube page to get tons of great updates. Most of the time, we see these common mistakes destroy your Google Ads campaign results. They are easy to avoid, so we suggest you listen up and follow these guidelines.

Let’s see if you are the victim of any of these common Digital Advertising mistakes:

  • Lumping your Search and Display campaigns together – each campaign type needs to be controlled/targeted differently and lumping them together is a big mistake that will cost you money. You have to be able to run each campaign type differently based on the user behavior, where they are in the decision cycle and all that fun stuff. If you just throw them together, you are either lazy or amateur. Let’s just hope you are not lazy.
  • Automating everything – listen, the Google the system is great, but you can’t rely on automation for everything inside. You want to be able to control some aspects of your campaigns, otherwise the system will be making all the big decisions for you and that might not be in line with your particular campaign goals. 
  • Not bidding enough, or bidding too much – bidding seems to be a major problem for a lot of people. How much, when to increase, when to decrease. It’s an ongoing question. What we would recommend is to start off with something in between. If the system is asking for $2, maybe set your bidding at $1 to start. You don’t want to “low-ball” it, because you’ll get no-where, but also, you want to control your bidding to where you can increase in areas that will be more effective. Bidding should be managed daily. Key point here, so listen up: Never set it and forget it! You’ll either spend like its going out of style, or you’ll be spending enough to just waste – because you are not reaching enough people or the right people. 

Another common problem, and this is a BIGGIE: 

Not understanding your target audience and how to identify where they are in their decision.

This is a huge mistake for those of you who just build out campaigns and go.

We understand that this is more obvious for those of you with a marketing background, but a key component in getting good results from your advertising. A basic rule of thumb is understanding that people in Search have a higher intent to ‘buy’ because they are actively searching. So, let’s start with this first. Keywords are how you get searchers to find your products or brand. So, let me give you one example of how this works… we’ll keep it basic to start. 

Let’s use: Black shoes as an example. Ok, great, they are looking for shoes, but what kind? For who? There are so many questions… 

Now, let’s say I type – Women’s black shoes – ok now we’re getting somewhere. I sell womens shoes, let me send them to a page with women’s shoes. But.. we still have no idea what style or kind they want. 

Now, let’s take it one step further – if they type: womens black pumps. Now, we know what they want, and for whom. Bingo! This is a “close to buying” keyword – we just need to make sure they like the styles that we offer and we have thier size in stock. 

The only other closer keyword example would be if they typed either a brand, a style name or ‘buy’ ‘sale’ as part of their search. 

Get it? It’s pretty easy once you understand the basics….

Now, what you want to do, is to organize your keywords into campaigns and ad groups that are tightly themed based on that same decision funnel. Then, you have more flexibility to focus/bid higher on people that are closer to buy.

buy black shoes example of the decision funnel in advertising

Well, there you have it. Just a few short pointers to get the basics of how you can get more results by understanding just a couple common problems in developing Ad Campaigns. Stay tuned, because we have tons more advice, tips and tricks to come!