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Orig3n spicy spotlight
Spicy Spotlight | Orig3n

Rare diseases, or those that affect less than 200,000 individuals in their disease group, aren’t as uncommon as the name indicates. In fact, one in ten Americans are living with a rare disease, 80% of which are genetic. These ailments hurt the world, with genetic…

Spicy Spotlight | Freight Farms

The people of Boston are, and always have been, problem solvers. Something about this city drives innovation and development to create solutions for the world’s most difficult dilemmas. A local AgTech (agricultural technology) company, Freight Farms, might be on the verge of solving a handful…

emulate bio spicy spotlight
Spicy Spotlight | Emulate, Inc

Image Courtesy of The Medical Start-Up That Has Everyone Talking: Boston and Cambridge are the places to be for medical technology and development. That’s why we’re not surprised that yet another fantastic start-up from our area is on track to change the field forever….

levelup mobile payment
Spicy Spotlight | LevelUp

In today’s society, waiting for anything has become frustrating. Whether it’s for an appointment, a package, or our food, we become instantly irritable upon waiting for anything to arrive. Because of this we have now entered into the era of mobile orders; while online ordering…

HOTSHOT muscle cramp solution
Spicy Spotlight | Flex Pharma HOTSHOT

Cramps are any athlete’s worst nightmare. Nothing’s worse than barely being a mile into your run and getting those sharp stabs, or just getting started on your bike route and feeling things tighten up. You’ve been told all the solutions for cramps- special fruits, cold…

lola travel app
Spicy Spotlight | Lola

Travel Made Simpler Going on a trip is something we all look forward to. Planning it? Not so much. It’s no secret that travel planning is one of the largest hassles to face, especially if you travel frequently for business. This exact dilemma is what…