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boston influencers
5 Inspirational Examples of Influencer Marketing in Boston

Just like most major cities, Boston is swimming with hordes of influencers. From foodies to fashionistas, businesses big and small are taking advantage of the pool of micro-influencers the city has to offer. If you haven’t entertained the idea of influencer marketing yet, prepare to…

Instagram Scheduling Update
The Instagram Update: For the Sake of Sanity or Laziness?

We’re just as excited as everyone else. As you may have heard, Instagram finally has given us the capability to schedule future posts. Cue lights shining down and a choir of angels singing. As Instagram’s biggest request over the years, it was only a matter…

social media plan
Take Action: The Social Media Plan Your Business Needs

There’s no need to beat around the bush when it comes to the downside of owning a business. With every happy customer, positive experience, and excited comment on social media comes another side. The side with harsh online reviews, angry messages, and some unhappy people….

Facebook Feed Changes
Facebook’s New Feed Changes: How Your Business Can Adjust

Last week, Facebook made its second announcement regarding the widely talked about changes we’ll be seeing on our news feeds. If you haven’t read the initial announcement, you probably have seen some strongly worded posts about it.  It essentially says that in the near future,…

How to Have Your Most Successful Labor Day Sale Yet!

The end of the summer means a lot of things: back to school, the beginning of pumpkin spiced everything season and of course, Labor Day. Labor Day looks to celebrate hard working Americans by giving them a well-deserved long weekend. Along with barbeques and final…

Why You Should Hire a Social Media Agency

It’s no surprise that social media runs today’s world. Whether it’s the Kardashians on Instagram, your grandmother on Facebook or your boss on Twitter, just about every person, company and product is updating their social media every hour of the day. And this can be…

Your Guide to Right-Time vs. Real-Time Marketing
Your Guide to Right Time vs. Real Time Marketing

As a marketer, it is crucial to understand both right-time and real-time marketing. Furthermore, they are both relevant and applicable to most marketing scenarios. Some companies that insist that real time marketing should be prioritized over right-time marketing. Others defend the opposite. Right time marketing…

5 Social Media Mistakes Small Business should avoid
5 Social Media Mistakes Small Business Should Avoid

Social media marketing is probably the easiest way for small businesses to build and promote their brand. It seems impossible to find a business that’s not on social media; however, that doesn’t make social media the best marketing tool. Without strategies, you may not get…

social media tips to ensure success
Top 9 Must-Do’s to Ensure Your Social Media Success

Social media use has increased by 356% (NetPop) since 2006 and the number is still growing. As social network plays a more important role in customer’s media consuming behavior, brands need to understand how to maximize the effectiveness of your social marketing efforts. Here are…

Why Your Brand Needs Mobile-Focused Social Media Advertising

67% of consumers begin their purchase journey on one device and move to another before they make any decision. A majority of mobile users are browsing the Internet using multiple devices. Because of this, it is more difficult than ever for advertisers to track actions,…

How Mobile Marketing is Affecting Social Media

When was the last time you checked your social media on your phone? One minute ago? A couple hours ago? Regardless of the exact time, we’re pretty sure that it was not that long ago. Mobile technology has become a key part of our lives,…

Your Guide to Creating Mobile-Driven Social Media Posts

Mobile is no longer a side note when it comes to marketing; it’s actually really important! If you want higher social engagement, optimizing your posts for mobile is the way to go. Remember, there’s more to it than just resizing your images, and shortening your…

About the Infamous Mobile Video Platform, Snapchat

For those of you who don’t know, Snapchat is a visual-messaging application. It is a social networking platform for sharing photos and videos that self-destruct after 24 hours. This app has come out on top in the digital world, in a relatively short amount of…

How To Create Facebook Videos Ads That Drive Revenue

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm favors video content over all other types of content you can post within the platform. Because of this, Facebook video ads are becoming a powerful way businesses engage with their audiences, all while building brand awareness. Before you start paying for…

19 Steps to Become a Twitter Master [Video]

    In the last few years, more businesses have jumped on board, including nearly all the big business players. According to a study by the Charlton College of Business Center for Marketing Research at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 8 of the top 10 Fortune…

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story with Video & Social Media

Storytelling allows marketers to create a brand persona to build a personal connection between businesses and consumers. Social media gives brands an opportunity to think creatively when it comes to telling the story behind their business. When you put the two together, it is a recipe for success!  Video…

Snapchat geofilters
Snapchat Update: Custom ‘On-Demand’ Geofilters

Snapchat is THE new social networking platform for video. 4 billion Snapchat videos are viewed in just one day. And this platform is still evolving. The company recently announced their new update: “on-demand” geofilters. What are Geofilters? Geofilters are in-app illustrations, usually correlating to a…

Facebook Wants Your Brand to Use 360 Video

If you use Facebook, you know that the social media platform has completely evolved into a video sharing hot spot. More recently, Facebook developers have added the ability to share video content filmed in 360 degrees, as well as videos shot in virtual reality. Facebook…

Periscope: A New Component to Your Video Marketing Strategy

Why Periscope? We know you’re probably asking what makes this platform different than the ‘original’ ones: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Well, you’re not disregarding those platforms; your main social media accounts will house your Periscope videos longer than 24 hours (the length of time…

Why Video Marketing is Key in Your Social Media Strategy

This is the year for video. In modern content marketing, video is now going to be the most important piece of your strategy. No matter what you’re selling, what your company does, or what social media platforms you utilize, video marketing is for your brand….

15 Elements of Sure-Fire Viral Videos
15 Elements of Sure-Fire Viral Videos

You thought you understood how to make viral videos, and you probably tried. Was it successful? No. That’s why you’re here looking for some advice from us. Check out our latest SlideShare, include some elements in your next video, and see yourself on YouTube’s trending list. 15…

3 Social Media Trends you should prepare for holiday season
3 Social Media Trends You Should Prepare for Holiday Season

Social media has become one of the most important aspects of an online marketing campaign. Because of how fast-paced everything is new trends are constantly coming and going. Here are the three social media trends that you need to implement for this holiday season!  …

12 Social Media Quotes You Should Read Everyday
12 Social Media Quotes You Should Read Everyday

Inspirational quotes for social media motivation It has just been a few years since the first social media appeared; however, this revolutionary communication tool has totally changed our world and reshaped our marketing methods. Take a look at these 12 awesome quotes about social media in…

social media tree
Social Media Leads to Leads!

It’s been reported that as of 2015, roughly 73% of all Americans have at least one social media profile – up from 48% just five years ago. So what’s the best way to turn these people into leads? Don’t answer that. The question was rhetorical.

pinterest on mobile phone
Pinterest: More than Pinning!

What advertisers have been waiting for is finally here! The most talked about, exciting new update for Pinterest has finally come into action. The virtual pinboard app that lets you pin all the beautiful things on the web, now gives you the option to buy…

The Effect Mobile is Having on Purchase Moments In Your Life

We talk about mobile, micro-moments and its importance in visibility for brands quite a bit, but with Google recent article: I-Want-to-Buy-Moments mobile is truly crafting a new level of connectivity with brands during the consumers purchase cycle.   What Do Micro-Moments Mean for Consumers Having…

top 5 facebook analytics reporting tools
5 Tools For Facebook Reporting Analysis

“What gets measured, gets managed” An accurate social media analysis helps improve the strategy and the result. We’ve listed 5 effective tools to monitor facebook campaigns. Check out the list and start analyzing your social channels today.

seo and social media tea cups
SEO & Social Media: You Shouldn’t Have One Without the Other

Social validation is one of the most important factors that help improve SEO performance. The interactions that you or your company have on social channels, how many people are talking about you, and what topics and clues search engines gather from those conversations all have a play in SEO. Check out our insights on this topic.