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Hospitality Strategy

Marketing Generation X
Why the Forgotten Generation Isn’t Staying At Your Hotel
Let’s be honest with ourselves. As marketers, we haven’t been very inclusive lately. Repeat after me: “I am obsessed with millennial marketing.” We all are. It’s new and exciting. It’s a challenge, a new obstacle in marketing we’ve all been infatuated with. Millennials are ready...
millennial trends
Millennial Trends in the Hospitality World
The Millennial Trends In today’s hospitality marketing era, no one doubts the importance and purchasing power of the millennial generation, the young age group born between 1980s to the early 2000s. In 2017, they had more spending power than any generation, with nearly 40% of...
Hospitality industry trends
Ask the Experts: Surviving the Rapidly Changing Hotel Industry

You open Instagram and see that your friend Simon is riding a catamaran through crystal clear water. The photo is entitled, “Chillaxin #bahamasvacation.” You’re annoyed because you’re in Boston and the rain outside your window is blowing sideways. You check out Simon’s Facebook page and…

Adwords for hotels
5 Effective AdWords Campaigns Your Hotel Needs

Attracting new guests to your hotel isn’t as simple as it used to be. Renting options and home-sharing businesses have created a competitive environment for the hospitality industry. No longer are the days of your hotel solely relying on social media, travel agents, and word-of-mouth…

10 Amenities your Hotel Needs to Increase Revenue

Surprisingly, the most sought after hotel amenities aren’t what we’d consider extravagant. Back in 2014, conducted a survey by interviewing 1,000 travelers from across the globe in order to discover which hotel amenities people care about most. Here’s what the survey found: 1. Complimentary…

Pepper Talk | Campaign for Hospitality Brands

Elevate your hospitality campaigns Today’s society is fueled by a fast-paced, instant gratification economy. Consumers have different habits then they had even just five years ago. With more newer and more high tech anayltic tooks that are available today businesses can take a closer look…

top three trend in hospitality
Top Three Trends Changing The Face Of Hospitality

Trends in hospitality: what you need to know Every industry follows distinctive changes. As technology has evolved and consumer intent is fluctuating, the hospitality industry has been influenced by some major alterations and trends. Marketers need to rethink their business models to be in sync…

Read These 3 Hospitality Blogs If You Are A Hotelier
Read These 3 Hospitality Blogs If You Are A Hotelier

Aspiring hotelier? Here’s what you need to know: Hospitality industry changes rapidly along with the technology. There’s always new features, new booking sites and new trends hoteliers need to catch up with. To save your time, we rounded up the top 5 hospitality blogs, which…

Google Digital Breakfast Recaps

Google Digital Breakfast for Hospitality This week has been very exciting for us especially with Google in our office! Recently, we co hosted the Google Digital Breakfast for Hospitality. The event was held on July 29th in the Pepper Gang office and was a very…

Hotel Ads Create Success for the Hilton Brands

[popupwfancybox id=”9″] Google recently published a case study by the Hilton brands that showed a significant jump in bookings when adding Hotel Ads to their search ad campaigns they had been running. Hotel ads where being shown across all devices. The results were more than…

hotel ads strategy
Hotels, Not Using AdWords Online? You’re Missing Out

Numbers don’t lie. According to our recent survey, 98.55% of potential travelers begin their search online. Other insights like the one above help to understand consumer behavior, something invaluable in our industry and in hospitality’s. Because being online is where you will find the consumer, being online is where you need to begin your hotel marketing.

Boston Digital Marketing Agency Shares Hospitality Research Results

BOSTON, MA (PRWEB) APRIL 28, 2015 Boston digital marketing agency, Pepper Gang, is excited to release the findings from the survey they recently conducted. The report is designed to convey how consumers interact online with hospitality retailers and information presented online by highlighting five categories that…

mobile marketing micro moments
Micro Moments Have A Macro Impact

Micro moments have a macro impact. Each and every touch point you have with your potential customers and target audience, you have the capability to make or break further interactions with those visitors. Your marketing needs to take into consideration each of these small moments.

hospitality market research survey
The Role of Digital Media in Hotel and Resort Bookings

Pepper Gang has launched our latest hospitality research report to help marketers and hotel owners have a better understanding of how digital media influences consumers’ decision-making process in reference to hotel bookings. Download the report to learn more about our findings.