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Healthcare Strategy

Healthcare Marketing Millennial Moms
How Millennial Moms Choose Hospitals, and How To Cater To Them

People don’t think of hospitals like common goods. While a mother might experiment with new brands for food or clothes, they’ll only choose health care providers they trust to deliver the best results. And yes, it is mothers making that decision. 70% of millennial moms,…

Marketing MedTech to the Individual Consumer

Marketing medical technology is far from simple. Healthcare is a changing landscape with many components. This includes doctors, administration, insurers, regulators and of course, the consumer. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the individual consumer while marketing because there are so many other hoops…

Need-To-Know Digital Insights in the Healthcare Industry

Mobile technology has changed the way we find answers to any of life’s questions. Because of this, Google & Ipsos Reid partook in a research study surrounding Canada’s healthcare. What they found: healthcare is more digital than ever before. Their research identified key insights that…

google partner trainer
5 Important Quotes from Ben Tyson, Google Partner Trainer

Check out these 5 important quotes from Ben Tyson, a Google Partner Trainer. Learn about his points of view on digital media consumption and internet marketing. Ben Tyson will be the speaker in the 2016 Google Partners Event on March 9th. The event will be…