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5 Inspirational Examples of Influencer Marketing in Boston

Just like most major cities, Boston is swimming with hordes of influencers. From foodies to fashionistas, businesses big and small are taking advantage of the pool of micro-influencers the city has to offer. If you haven’t entertained the idea of influencer marketing yet, prepare to…

levelup mobile payment
Spicy Spotlight | LevelUp

In today’s society, waiting for anything has become frustrating. Whether it’s for an appointment, a package, or our food, we become instantly irritable upon waiting for anything to arrive. Because of this we have now entered into the era of mobile orders; while online ordering…

Genius Ways to use QR codes in marketing campaigns
Genius Ways to Use QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

Use of QR Codes in Marketing The arrival of the mobile era changes customer’s buying experience as well as breaks down the decision-making journey into hundreds of intent-driven micro-moments (Google, 2016). For brands, every micro-moment means a match point to win or lose a customer….

4 Times That McDonald’s Killed it at Video Marketing

McDonald’s is not only good at making delicious fast food, but they are actually amazing at video marketing tactics, as well. Here, we’ve collected 4 times that McDonald’s used video content to build trust between their brand & online community. #1 Influencer Video Marketing: McDonald’s…

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7 Wicked Delicious Food Trucks in Boston

These days, eating at food trucks in Boston has already become a trend. So, today, let’s talk about the best food trucks in Boston. Wow Barbeque As a college kid in Boston downtown, nothing is more familiar than the red food trucks of Wow barbeque….

lying on the lawn to unwind after work in Boston
5 Awesome Boston Spots to Unwind at after Work

Unwinding after work is of paramount importance because it helps you to relax after that period of tension. A lot of people are unable to escape from thinking about issues surrounding their work and end up having such thoughts dominate their leisure time. This may…

Millennial Trends in the Hospitality World

The Millennial Trends In today’s hospitality marketing era, no one doubts the importance and purchasing power of the millennial generation, the young age group born between 1980s to the early 2000s. By 2017, they will have the more spending power than any generation, and their…