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Email Marketing Campaigns We Love To Hate
5 Email Marketing Campaigns We Love to Hate

We all know the drill: every day we’re inundated with hundreds of email marketing campaigns and messages from companies looking to recruit us to their tribe or to get us to spend more money on things we probably don’t need. If you’re an Android user…

4 Ways to Increase Email Engagement Through Mobile

Email marketing is an important source of sales, especially for ecommerce and most B2B businesses. As mobile web arises, customer’s behavior of receiving email changes as well. As of February 2016, 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices (Litmus, March 2016). Adjusting your message…

email marketing
Email Marketing Is Not Dying

76% of the consumers said that they prefer to hear about retailers’ promotions via email, which means email should definitely be on your marketing to-do list.