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Ecommerce Strategy

Pepper Talk: ECommerce Stats Your Business Needs to Know

Are you involved in an eCommerce business? If so, you may want to listen up. Because Pepper Gang represents many eCommerce brands, we stay knowledgable on current statistics and trends surrounding various aspects of the industry. This week, we’d like to go over some of…

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Back To Basics: Optimize eCommerce Sites for Mobile
In the spring of 2015, Google first launched its mobile-friendliness algorithm, which became one of the most significant ranking factors. Since then, optimizing for mobile hasn't just become critical. Not optimizing your mobile site is out of the question. Mobile commerce accounts for  1/3  of...
Remarketing in eCommerce: Hot Hacks (Infographic)

Our main goal as a business always seems to be to go big. Get more clients, reach a wider audience, find more people to love us. And we tend to create our digital marketing campaigns accordingly. Out with the old and in with the new….

5 Tips For Writing Killer Google PPC Ads

Utilizing the Google AdWords Platform can dramatically increase traffic to your site, but I think you can agree that the paid search industry is extremely competitive. Competitors are bidding on the same keywords as you and the market is constantly changing. So, how do you…

Holiday Marketing Tips for Retailers

With all of the advances in the retail industry, the buyer’s journey has become infinitely more complicated. Consumers are bombarded with information overload, thus causing an increase in abandoned shopping carts. Having a well-developed marketing plan may not be enough to drive revenue this holiday…

Benefits and Tips of AdWords Remarketing Campaigns
Benefits and Tips of AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

Many people ask one question “Should I use AdWords remarketing campaigns?” Our answer is absolutely yes. Remarketing campaign allows you to engage with customer after they view the website and then encourage them to take actions. Watch the video to learn more benefits of remarketing…

Saver For Your Holiday PPC Advertising
Last Minute Saver For Your Holiday PPC Advertising

Preparing for the holiday season can be a daunting task, especially for e-commerce sites. In case you hadn’t noticed, Pepper Gang is notorious for giving great digital marketing advice. That’s why we have come up with some tips just for you! Let us be your holiday…