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Call-Only Campaigns from Google

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02 Mar Call-Only Campaigns from Google

Mobile marketing and shopping is an important strategy for any digital campaign. Especially small and locally targeted businesses. With all this focus on mobile, Google’s got some updates that you shouldn’t miss. Just last week Google announced a new feature in AdWords called a Call Only campaign.  

70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results

  This new campaign type will allow business who’d prefer to get phone calls directly to setup campaigns with a click to call feature. Click to call isn’t a new feature, but these new campaigns are specifically focused on mobile. Bidding, budgeting and call to action can be tailored specifically to that call campaign, so you can manage your ROAS better.   Check out the full features in the Google AdWords Blog post:  

Learn more about this new call only campaign feature and all Google AdWords extensions at Adwords Optimization and Opportunities Handbook

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