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Business is no longer a men’s club. In fact, businesswomen make up the most prominent presence of many industries, especially here in Boston. In a city of bustling innovators, startups, and renowned academia and medics, many women have not only thrived, but completely reinvented their fields. Check out some of Boston’s most accomplished businesswomen.

1) Drew Gilpin Faust, President of Harvard University

It’s no surprise that the first woman on our list resides in the academic distric, as Boston is the world’s leading college town. In addition to 30 colleges and universities within its boundaries, it also boasts some of the most renowned research institutions in the world, such as MIT, Tufts, Boston University, Northeastern University and, perhaps most famously, Harvard University.  Faust is Harvard’s first female president, and extremely respected in the world of academia as a renowned historian, as well. After 11 incredible years in office, Faust plans to step down in June of 2018.

2) Elizabeth G. Nabel, President of Brigham and Women’s Healthcare

Not only is Dr. Nabel the president of one of Boston’s leading health care centers, but she’s also the Chief Health and Medical Adviser to the National Football League. With countless innovation plans and a strong focus on women’s health, Dr. Nabel has launched initiatives like The Heart Truth to promote cardiovascular awareness and health for women. She is also the first female president of Brigham and Women’s Health Care.

3) Jane Deery, CEO of PGR Media

Another big-name businesswomen is Jane Deery, and if an appearance at the Golden Globes and Oscars does not convince you of her success, I’m not sure what will. With clients like Kate Spade New York and Top Chef, Deery’s company is trendy, fresh and modern.  As they mainly focus on fashion retail, they are truly the “boutique” agency every up-and-coming stylist should know about.

4) Trynka Shineman, president of Vistaprint


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Shineman is in charge of the Vistaprint brand throughout Australia and New Zealand, North America, and Europe. Vistaprint is an e-commerce business that produces customized marketing products for micro-companies. Shineman is a champion of women, as she has been vocal about her opinion of female leaders in the business world and how there should be more of them. What’s more? This force of nature is based right in Waltham?


5) Pamela Goodman, Chief Executive Officer of Beacon Communities



A perfect example of a successful businesswoman giving back to the community is Pamela Goodman. Not only did she help double Beacon Communities’ units and revenue, but she also resides as a board member of the housing committee of Hebrew Senior Life. In addition, she is a member of the board of MAB Community Services, an organization that seeks to create opportunities for people with disabilities. She was also elected to the Brookline Housing Authority board, further proving her legitimacy as a role model in the real estate industry.

6) Frederica M. Williams, President and CEO of Whittier Street Health Care

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Frederica M. Williams is originally from Sierra Leone, arriving to the States in 1984. She has been running the Whittier Street Health Center in Roxbury for over 15 years and has done wonders for the community around her. During her time there, Williams has appeared on countless lists naming influential, inspirational, and multicultural businesswomen in Boston. Because of Williams, Whittier now serves over 25,000 people a year and is set up to serve generations to come.


7) Amy Latimer, President of TD Garden

courtesy of Mass Convention

For years, Amy Latimer has been moving up the ranks in TD Garden. She has worked tirelessly to make their business run as efficiently as possible. Her hard work has clearly paid off. In 2011 Latimer was recognized as one of Sports Business Journal’s Game Changers and for good reason. Over time Latimer has revolutionized how the Garden does business. As Director of Marketing, she introduced and launched an e-Business department and honed in on digital marketing. From there, she has proved herself time and time again.


8) Myechia Minter-Jordan, President and CEO of Dimok Health Center

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Myechia Minter-Jordan has been involved with the Dimok Health Center since 2007. Since then, she has become President and CEO, making it a point to work collaboratively with world class hospitals around Boston. Minter-Jordan has a medical degree from Brown University School of Medicine and an MBA in Health Services from Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business. She has been featured in highly acclaimed publications and has created patient-centered medical homes by developing the Harvard Primary Care Center Initiative. Talk about innovation!

9) Peggy Fogelman, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Director

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Peggy Fogelman marks the first change in leadership in over a quarter of a century at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Crazy, right? With a Bachelor of Arts from John Hopkins University and a Masters from Brown University, Fogelman has worked in museums across the country. Dedicated to educating others, Fogelman has run education departments in the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem as well as in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. She is on her way to making an impact in her current position here in Boston, the perfect woman for the job!

10) Catherine D’Amato, President and CEO of The Greater Boston Food Bank

courtesy of Forsyth

Catherine D’Amato has been leading the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) since 1995. In just over two decades, D’Amato has worked her magic and transformed the power of her the GBFB. Since 1995, the GBFB has gone from distributing 7.5 million meals a year to more than 50 million meals. They now serve 140,000 people every month across Eastern Massachusetts. Along with the other women on this list, D’Amato is changing the world for the better. And that shouldn’t go unnoticed.


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