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“Is there an app for that?” This is a question consumers of all types are far too familiar with since Apple coined the phrase in 2009. But seriously, we want to know! Is there an app for that? If your business answers ‘no’ to this popular question, here are four reasons you should think about turning that ‘no,’ into a ‘yes’. Mobile Apps for business are a customer experience must.

Consumer Conscious

It is no question that the current number of mobile users exceeds the millions of desktop users. Consumers spend significantly more time using mobile media than they do using desktops. Businesses that are absent from the mobile scene are missing more opportunities to connect with their consumers. By having a mobile app or website, your business can be accessed at anytime, anywhere. This allows your business to develop a relationship with your consumers and receive immediate feedback. By using mobile apps, you can alert users of special deals or limited time offers, therefore increasing activity among your consumers for your business. With nearly three quarters of people checking their phone every hour, the chance that your consumers will see notifications increases immensely.

 Mobile Apps

Your Time is in Their Hands

By providing consumers with a mobile app for your business, all the information they need about your products or services is in their hands. 90% of the time, App usage by consumers dominates over mobile web browsing. People are more likely to check out your business content when all they have to do is scroll. Millennials grew up in the information age and are fluent in all the latest technology trends. They also happen to be the majority generation in the workforce. This increases your shareability, making it more likely that your business will attract new customers.


APPlicable Anywhere

As the usage of mobile apps increases, the need to be ‘at the office’ to conduct your work is disappearing. Mobile Apps have been able to provide an alternative to working long days in the office, constantly being in front of your computer. Apps allow you to interact, promote your business and conduct productive business transactions anywhere. Instead of being stuck inside, business owners can be working using their app, while out at event promoting their business, and connecting with people via mobile and real life. This opens up opportunities for all levels of communication. Your business will be working in synergy with you, saving you both time and money.

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Brand Booster

By providing consumers with an app for your business and services, your user experience increases. This gives your audience a great experience, thereby generating an overall better brand image. People are always on their phones, swiping and scrolling, hopefully constantly seeing your brand’s logo or slogan. Using your logo for the app that will be on consumer’s mobile device, makes it much more likely your brand will be recognized and remembered. Most of all, people tend to gravitate towards things that are familiar to them. This certainly puts your business at an advantage over competitors that do not have a mobile friendly app.


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