How to Tell Your Brand’s Story with Video & Social Media2 min read

Storytelling allows marketers to create a brand persona to build a personal connection between businesses and consumers. Social media gives brands an opportunity to think creatively when it comes to telling the story behind their business. When you put the two together, it is a recipe for success! 
Video helps brands convey their story using visual narratives and personal experiences to not only create social communities, but build engaging communities. Here are exclusive tips to inspire your community with your brand’s story through the power of visual video content:

1. Create videos that are personal.

When creating your brand’s videos, you want the viewers to feel inspired by your story. How do you do this? Avoid using stock footage that you can buy from websites. The star(s) of your video should be employees that actually work for your business. Whether it’s the secretary or CEO, using familiar faces creates and maintains a brand’s voice.

2. House your videos on the appropriate social platforms.

Remember when it comes to video, one size does not fit all. For example, some videos are perfect for Facebook, while others may be shorter and perfect for Twitter or Instagram. It’s important to know your community and what social media they use so you can create videos specifically for that platform.

3. Don’t confine your story to a hashtag.

Creating a hashtag that sums up your entire brand’s story in a phrase is not vital. Yes, big companies do this a lot, but they have the resources to promote it endlessly. Use hashtags to enhance your story not be your brand’s story.

4. Let your community tell (or help tell) your story.

This is where social media and video go hand-in-hand. You can actually utilize user-generated content from social media to create your videos. Its like a testimonial video, only told through the lens of your customer. Or you can create videos by listening to your customers through social media. By using social tools, you can identify the way your customers interact with your brand AND understand their core interests. From this knowledge, you can create amazing videos that will without a doubt, connect with your community.

5. Remember to be relatable.

The best way for your video to get exposure is to have it be relatable to the average person. If you video only applies to 1% of social media users, then that’s not your brand’s story, that’s only one page of it.

6. Your words will outweigh your visuals.

Storytelling through video will ultimately come down to the words you use. Whether it’s the caption of your social media post, or the script of your video, these words will create your brand’s story. Make sure that your wordage is not limited to your business’ lingo; it has to be broader than that. This will allow your videos and social media presence to continuously have a ‘never-ending’ storyline.


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