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Brand New Updates for Google+

Brand New Updates for Google+

16 Feb Brand New Updates for Google+

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Thanks to the Internet, it’s nearly impossible to find a person who doesn’t have some social presence. Even still, when speaking of social media platforms, Google+ is barely on the list. For example, how often will you hear your friend saying, “check out what I found on Facebook last night,” rather than “I saw this on Google+ earlier.” Let’s admit it, even though Google+ is a social media platform, most only treat it as an SEO tool.

If you’re one of those people, then this might shock you: more than 1.6 million people still sign up to Google+ communities every day.

Now Google is on a mission to take Google+ above and beyond Facebook. They’ve introduced several updates to make Google+ a better platform that focuses on real connections and conversations. Check out Google+’s latest features:

Hiding low quality comments

The first update is designed to alter the way comments appear on a post’s feed. With this update, the low-quality comments will be buried deep down and comments will be prioritized based on helpfulness to users.

Google believes this will encourage users to engage in quality conversation since they can focus on those comments that matter most. If users still want to see all the comments to the post, just click “view more comments.”


Image Zoom: getting closer and vivider

Google also aims to show you more stuff by adjusting Google+ to make best use of your screen size and show less white space as well as more posts.

With this “showing more” idea, Google introduces a new image zoom function on Google+. This new feature is similar to Instagram’s, which allows users to get a closer look at the images they’re interested in.


However, users may worry about the image quality when zooming in. To solve that issue, Google has a new image compression technique called Rapid and Accurate Image Super Resolution, RAISR, which can use up to 75% less bandwidth without sacrificing image quality.

It can’t be overstated that RAISR is a perfect match for the new Google+ zoom capacity. Instead of getting a blurry image when zooming in, users will be able to see every detail of the image.

Typically with high resolution images, load time and data usage skyrockets. But that won’t be a concern with the help of RAISR.


Google Events

Actually, this isn’t a new update, but a rather re-introduction of an old function. Google is bringing back Google+ Events, which was removed from Google+ in November 2015.

Google+ Events allows users to create and invite others to an event to share photos and media in real time.

New Web Design

In addition to these new tools, Google also introduced a new design for Google+. The new design launched on January 24th, 2017. However, it’s not compulsory. You can choose to use the old version or the new one as you see fit.

With these amazing new features, we’re certain that Google+ is one step further to becoming a top social media platform. We’re looking forward to seeing how they progress!



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