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Are you interested in supporting self-made entrepreneurs? Are you financially stable enough to back a project you believe in? Kickstarter is a brilliant platform that allows you to support and back the projects of up-and-coming business men and women. Check out these 5 trending Boston Startup campaigns on Kickstarter. We promise they are worth backing!

1. GoBout

 Carry Multiple Toiletries in one Container

GoBout is the ultimate travel companion. This product allows you to keep all your toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face wash and body wash, in one compact container. That’s right, no more stuffing your toiletries into a plastic bag! GoBout doesn’t just make dispensing your liquids easier and mess-free, the product is also environmentally friendly. According to GoBout’s Kickstarter page, “billions of plastic toiletry containers end up in waste landfills every year.” You can help save our world from pollution by switching to just one durable container.

Are you interested in this project? Back it while it’s still live!

2. The Color Notebook

The Safest Place to Store your Child’s Artwork

We get it, you love the picture your daughter drew for you, but the rainbow unicorn just doesn’t go with your kitchen’s wallpaper. Not to worry though, The Color Notebook by Rocketbook, a Boston startup, allows you send your children’s artwork to the cloud! With Rocketbook’s new Smart notebook, your children can create, scan, and erase. Using any washable crayon, pencil or marker, your children can draw on The Color Notebook. Once their creation is completed, you can log on to the Rocketbook app and scan their drawing. When scanned, their beautiful picture will instantly appear in your Google Drive (or any other cloud destination). You can even share your children’s artwork with others when you scan their pictures to iMessage or Email. This is the perfect invention for bragging about your little Picasso!

Are you interested in this project? Back it while it’s still live!


3. “One Day I Too Go Fly” Documentary

Broaden your Perspective

According to the “One Day I Too Go Fly”‘ Kickstarter page, their coming-of-age documentary “follows 4 African youths from different countries and socioeconomic backgrounds as they pursue knowledge at America’s premier technological university – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).” This feature documentary spans four years and offers viewers a fresh perspective on American education. The filmmakers created a Kickstarter in 2012 to raise funds for production and filming. Now, they are seeking $60,000 to edit the footage into a moving film.

Are you interested in this project? Back it while it’s still live!


4. Ares

The World’s most Versatile Backpack

Are you tired of lugging a briefcase and a gym bag to work with you every day? If so, Ares is your solution. This backpack is equipped with multiple compartments so you may carry your work and gym items in one bag. But wait, Ares has more to offer than just functionality- it is also highly fashionable. In fact, you’ll never feel out of place in the office or the gym because of the backpack’s sleek and versatile design.

Are you interested in this project? Back it while it’s still live!


5. Escape the Book

A Book of Deep Complexity

Boston Startup

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What does a genius puzzler do after finishing in the top 10 at the US Puzzle Championships? He makes a puzzle book, of course! After designing puzzles for ten years, Fleb has created a “physical hardcover puzzle book with elaborate puzzles, beautiful illustrations, and an engaging story.” Challenge yourself with this fun book, perfect for commutes and road trips.

Are you interested in this project? Back it while it’s still live!


So, what are you waiting for?! Support these awesome, local Boston startup projects by backing their campaigns before they end. Remember, campaigns are ‘All or Nothing’; therefore, if they do not meet their monetary goal, they will not be funded!


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