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smartphone productivity
Get More from Mobile with Micro-Moments

You may have been hearing us talk about the importance of micro-moments in mobile marketing. Google created micro-moments to describe the tiny moments in the consumer journey that help us define our audiences and market better.   But the experts at Google wanted to dive…

Pepper Gang Team Announces New Marketing Webinar Series

BOSTON, MA (PRWEB) March 21, 2018 Pepper Gang, The Way to the Top Agency, announces a new marketing webinar series. Twice a month, Pepper Gang’s digital media experts will publish an original webinar aimed to guide listeners through the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Each…

wake up songs
Listen Up: What Gets The Gang Moving in the Morning

Good morning, everyone!   No matter how alive we’re feeling during the day, it can be an ongoing struggle to rise and shine during the work week. When the blinds are down and the alarm clock is beeping into your left ear, there’s only one…

advertising for attorneys
Three Secrets of Digital Advertising for Attorneys

Long gone are the days where a law firm or solo practitioner could place an ad in the Yellow Pages. The best way at the time to derive the majority of business. In 2018, the top three ways for a lawyer to advertise are the…

zodiac traits
The Gang Gets Astrological: Reading the Signs

We all know how fun it is to read about our horoscope signs. Astrology can help us with guidance when making a tough decision. But we are also able to learn about our relationships, about our future, and about our strengths and weaknesses. According to…

mobile site strategy
Your Mobile Site Matters-We Really Mean It

We’ve said it a few times and we’ll say it again: It’s really the time to start paying attention to your mobile site. In less than 5 months, page speed will be a factor in your page’s mobile search ranking. Despite this shift that could…

Hospitality industry trends
Ask the Experts: Surviving the Rapidly Changing Hotel Industry

You open Instagram and see that your friend Simon is riding a catamaran through crystal clear water. The photo is entitled, “Chillaxin #bahamasvacation.” You’re annoyed because you’re in Boston and the rain outside your window is blowing sideways. You check out Simon’s Facebook page and…

Vero App
Dear Instagram, We’re Sorry: Our New Love Affair with Vero

Launched in 2015, the new social media app, Vero, has seen sudden exponential user growth over the past month or so (for reasons still unknown). Whatever the cause for this spike in interest, we’re quickly realizing that we love it. After spending a few hours…

diverse audience
Increase Brand Awareness by Targeting a Diverse Audience

Often times, the business solutions we seek are hidden in plain sight. Earlier this month, beauty brand Make Up Forever discovered a fruitful opportunity for their business by simply analyzing Google Search data. What they found — and more importantly, how they used it —…

Facebook Messenger
Digital Advertising in 2018: What We’re Seeing So Far

“I am looking forward to getting to do things I have never done before” -Tony Danza …not very often can you squeeze a Tony Danza quote into an article about digital advertising When it comes to digital advertising, there are some things that never seem…

boston influencers
5 Inspirational Examples of Influencer Marketing in Boston

Just like most major cities, Boston is swimming with hordes of influencers. From foodies to fashionistas, businesses big and small are taking advantage of the pool of micro-influencers the city has to offer. If you haven’t entertained the idea of influencer marketing yet, prepare to…

Adwords for hotels
5 Effective AdWords Campaigns Your Hotel Needs

Attracting new guests to your hotel isn’t as simple as it used to be. Renting options and home-sharing businesses have created a competitive environment for the hospitality industry. No longer are the days of your hotel solely relying on social media, travel agents, and word-of-mouth…

Google Stories
Thinking Ahead: How Google AMP Stories Have Us Excited for the Future

Earlier this week, Google announced that its testing an Instagram-esque update to search results. Calling them “AMP stories,“ these search results are a “mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories.” If you didn’t get the gist from their video, publishers…

Instagram Scheduling Update
The Instagram Update: For the Sake of Sanity or Laziness?

We’re just as excited as everyone else. As you may have heard, Instagram finally has given us the capability to schedule future posts. Cue lights shining down and a choir of angels singing. As Instagram’s biggest request over the years, it was only a matter…

new adwords platform
The New AdWords and Our Favorite Features

We live in a world driven by constant innovation. Few companies understand this as well as Google. This made it even more surprising that Google had gone nearly 15 years without updating AdWords, especially given that roughly 90% of the tech giant’s annual revenue is…

boston lunch spots
Lunch Break: Where The Gang Grabs Their Grub

  Let’s be honest. We all know the best part of any work day is lunch, that beautiful time we can step away from our desks and refuel. When the gang gets hungry, we don’t go just anywhere to chow down. Luckily, our office is…

Attribution Model
Conversion Attribution Model: What’s Its Worth?
You’ve probably heard the term Attribution Model recently and maybe wondered what it was – or maybe you understand it but don’t fully understand the benefits. In today’s update, we’ll walk you through what Attribution Models are and why you, as an advertiser should be...
social media plan
Take Action: The Social Media Plan Your Business Needs

There’s no need to beat around the bush when it comes to the downside of owning a business. With every happy customer, positive experience, and excited comment on social media comes another side. The side with harsh online reviews, angry messages, and some unhappy people….

Pinterest SEO
Pinterest SEO: Why Your Business Can’t Ignore It

In the world of Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, it’s easy to overlook Pinterest. If your business isn’t a cookie cutter B2C operation, you might think something visual like Pinterest isn’t worth your time. But when you look at the numbers, you realize just how powerful…

Facebook Feed Changes
Facebook’s New Feed Changes: How Your Business Can Adjust

Last week, Facebook made its second announcement regarding the widely talked about changes we’ll be seeing on our news feeds. If you haven’t read the initial announcement, you probably have seen some strongly worded posts about it.  It essentially says that in the near future,…