Earning links naturally is much easier said than done in the SEO world. It depends on your content, your audience and industry. The best way to tackle earning links is to build solid content that will appeal to your audience.
Just like in most areas in marketing, there are a few sure fire ways to make sure your SEO efforts aren’t wasted.

Badge Programs

A badge program allows you to create a community or following around a particular subject or cause. They’re simple to share and humanizes your business.

How it’s done

Badge programs can be as simple as having a designated page on your blog that outlines what your cause or community is about. Be sure to explain why you’re doing it and why you think people should be involved. Think about your target audience and your industry.  Make sure it’s something valuable that they will want to be a part of. For example, if you’re a pet supply company and you have a passion for assisting pets in need during disasters, start a community online. Figure out what needs you have in your own community.  Ask people from your community to get involved. You can create a badge that allows other leading pet companies and the general pet lover participate.

Amount of detail is at your discretion. Online badge programs not only help you gain recognition, but shows your readers exactly what you care about.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is considerable for complementary industry knowledge your blog is lacking.  It’s often as easy as contacting the blog owner and sharing an idea  that might fit well with their blog and readers. Similarly to influencer marketing, a guest blogger can increase credibility and reach a larger audience (which we all know can ultimately lead to clicks and revenue).

One of the biggest selling points of guest blogging is that both sides benefit. They get quality content for their readers, with a new point of view, new level of expertise or experience they don’t have to write. You gain additional exposure for your knowledge and expertise to their blog readers.

Make sure they link back to your website, with promise to share their post on social media and your site, with tags or links.

Social Media

Social media should be a part of every SEO strategy. Search engines  take clues from social media sites as it relates to your search engine optimization. They’re looking for social validation. The interactions that you or your company has on social channels, how many people are talking about you, what topics and clues they can gather from those conversations all have a play in SEO. Social channels are also a great way to syndicate your SEO content and blog posts.

It’s important to look beyond your immediate tactics to find other ‘out of the box’ strategies and opportunities for SEO. This is just the beginning. Search engine optimization goes beyond just optimizing your content. Start simple, then create more complex strategies, on and off page, to maximize your clicks.

SEO can be overwhelming, but our team of specialists are here to create personalized strategies for your business. Contact us today or visit our site to learn more about our SEO and marketing solutions.