These 8 new businesses in Boston are taking the city by storm. Which is hard to do, since Boston is full of upcoming businesses competing with one another trying to become successful in a busy city. With so many companies popping up in the area,  there are a few to keep your eye on while navigating your way through the cobblestone roads. They’re innovative, different, and are definitely places you may want to check out next time you’re in town.

Here’s our list of the 8 new businesses that are killing it in Boston!

Beat Brew Hall

Located right in Harvard Square, Beat Brew Hall this new beer hall brings a modern twist to an old-fashioned experience. The hall is filled with communal tables, forcing friends and strangers alike to sit and socialize. They even have a party lounge called the ‘no-no room’, which has live music, DJ’s, pool, and beer. What’s not to love?


Next on our list is an adventure training gym in Boston that features an extensive bouldering wall, outdoor expeditions, and more. If you’re looking to get in shape and don’t think the normal treadmill and weight lifting is going to cut it, BKBX may be exactly what you need. The business relies on four pillars: train, connect, recover, and adventure. No matter your ability, BKBX will work with you and help enhance it.

Rowing Republic

Found in the North End, Rowing Republic is Boston’s first premier indoor rowing studio. The studio offers a 60 minute bootcamp-style workout to achieve maximum calories burn and muscle growth. Rowing offers a full body cardio low impact workout with rapid results. It’s one of the most effective exercises for calorie burning, core strength and muscle generation. It helps that it’s one of the only indoor studios in a city that loves to row.

Knight Moves

Located in Brookline, this cafe offers coffee, snacks, and a massive collection of different board games to play. The cafe is supposed to be ‘your living room away from home’. Don’t feel like going out for the weekend? Knight Moves seems like the perfect alternative. Just relax with a hot drink and play some age old board games with your friends and family.

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply is a clothing brand that designs clothes for the ideal work environment. They have done research into what makes clothing uncomfortable and what methods they can do to try and fix the problem. Their result? A dress shirt that’s 19 times more comfortable than the average. They don’t just do shirts either. You can get pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, and jackets. All of which will change your perspective on professional clothing for good.

Colette Wine Bistro

Colette is a new French bistro that uses traditional French cuisines and revamps them into modern dishes. It’s found a home in the heart of Porter Square across the river from its sibling restaurant, Frenchie. Be prepared to expand your palate with dishes such as escargot toast, steak tartare, duck magret, and cheese and charcuterie boards. Sounds crazy, but we promise it’s delicious.

Encore Boston Harbor

Whether you’re excited or annoyed for the recently opened casino in Boston, Encore Boston Harbor is a business that has definitely gotten people talking. Encore is a casino located in Everett that features five star dining, gambling, shopping, and more. If you have money to burn and are looking for a place to do it, Encore is perfect. The casino also features a harbor walk view so when you’re done spending your money can enjoy the outdoors on the waterfront park located right outside the casino.

The Wing

The Wing is a new co-working space designed for women that has just arrived to Boston. Founded in 2016, it is a growing community of women across the country and globe, gathering together to work, connect, and thrive in the same space. This awesome, women centered space located in Back-Bay features a patio overlooking Boston, communal spaces, a cafe and a beauty room, as well as work spaces, a library and lockers. How cool is that?

So there you have it. Whether you’re looking for some good food, your next gym, or a shopping adventure Boston is opening its doors to a variety of different businesses that seem to be rising to the occasion! Next time you’re in town make sure you look at the list and see what might interest you.