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Having a blog can involve quite the upkeep, but don’t you love it when your hard work reaps its benefits? In a recent study conducted by HubSpot, marketers who value content creation and blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive shift in their ROI. With that, having your own blog for your brand has been proven time and time again to be beneficial- but it should really not stop there!

Guest blogging– which is often referred to as guest posting, is possibly the most overlooked aspect of content marketing. This is because people are too passionate about getting the message of their brand across their own social platforms nowadays, that they tend to create a sort of protective bubble around themselves.

But in this day and age where networking is essential, it is important not to forget that establishing a good rapport between the brand and the people around you is crucial to your success. This is where the concept of guest blogging then comes into play.

Before we begin with all the wondrous benefits this concept brings, it is important to note that to be able to use this effectively. You have to take into consideration two main things: audience interest and engaged readership. You would want to make sure that the blog you choose to guest post in has themes that are relevant to whatever your blog post will contain. Not only that, having an active reader base is a definite plus, too. Putting it simply, you wouldn’t want to post something about cars in a fashion blog that was last updated back on 2015.

So what really are the benefits in spending time and exerting effort in guest blogging? We’ve managed to break it down to seven big points just for you!

1. It will build your portfolio as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Every time your work is published in another blog, you’re adding to your list of published works. In turn, building your portfolio with each blog post. So if you’re the type to keep track of all your finished works in one place and brag about them, or just keep it for your personal collection, this is definitely an easy way to contribute to that growing list.

2. It gives you a chance to improve your writing skills every time

What better way to test those writing skills out than posting on someone else’s platform? As the usual process of guest blogging will involve someone else looking at your work and critiquing it, it’s a sure fire way to learn from your mistakes.

Oftentimes, we’re so used to our style of writing that we may forget small details that another set of eyes can pick up. If the blog you are featuring in also has a very engaged readership who nitpick at every piece of content, then hearing someone else’s point of view can also be a breath of fresh air. Let’s face it: subjecting ourselves to criticisms and corrections is a big part of being a content writer, so why not use this chance to sharpen your skills more?

3. It builds your authority in domain and search engines

This point is probably one of the most intricate of the bunch, since there are a lot of things that go behind the concept of “link building”. If we were to put it in layman’s terms though, it is the concept of being able to create posts in other sites that have backlinks to your own page. Having these backlinks will then be beneficial when Google takes your own page’s rank into consideration.

4. It reels in the organic traffic that your site needs

Owning a blog means that you will be hungry for some organic traffic. In other words, people clicking on your page (and actually staying there) without the help of advertisements or any paid promotion.

The best things in life, after all, are free. And that is just what having your name up there along with your content can and will bring to you! When you’ve managed to pique peoples’ interests, it will be almost effortless on your end to reel them in and convince them to take a look at your other works, too.

5. It opens the door to you becoming a thought leader in the community

Another known benefit of being a guest blogger is that it establishes your role in becoming one of the thought of leaders of whatever community you are in. Not only that, becoming an active guest blogger would mean that your name will be visible in every place that you are chosen to feature in.

Once people start recognizing you and relating your name to your credible work, you will definitely establish some kind of respect from your readers.

6. It grows your subscriber base and generates more interest from the public

Of course, when people respect you and listen to what you have to say- growing your subscriber and reader count is a piece of cake from then on. This benefit is pretty self explanatory, as most people would want to hear from you more and more once you’ve hit a certain level of interest.

7. It fosters a deeper kind of relationship between your brand and its patrons

We saved the best reason for last. Through it all, it’s important not to forget that generating content shouldn’t be for your own gain. It’s an essential tool that you can use to make your brand seem a lot more relatable, and opens up a chance to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, having a healthy relationship with your target audience will make it easier for everyone to see the vision you’ve created around your brand.

The kind of give and take relationship that guest blogging develops between the host and yourself is beneficial because of the benefits that each side will bring to the table, allowing both parties to learn a lot from each other.

In conclusion, your brand’s success can actually be catapulted forward by making sure that you grasp the concept of guest posting. And more than that, using it to your advantage. Not only that, it doesn’t help your brand alone, but as a writer, it also opens a lot of doors that will help you improve and establish yourself as a leader you would want to be.

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