Nowadays, having a blog that promotes whatever product or service you are offering to the market is a must. After all, it is the most effective marketing strategy to generate brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and establish a thought leadership role in your community. Blogging is one of the most inexpensive ways you can generate traction for you and your brand, without having to actually leave your desk.

Though most websites nowadays have their own blogs, we noticed that a lot of brands still commit some crucial mistakes with utilizing them. Which is why the gang decided to break down the most common of these errors, so as to stop you from making them!

Below are the six marketing strategy don’ts when it comes to making use of your blog:

Don’t just post about your product or service all the time

When it comes to real life, we hate those people who are so self-centered, right? When you’re engaging in what is supposed to be a two-way conversation, then it becomes more of a one-way thing — isn’t that one of the most annoying things ever?

This is exactly what this point is about. People are just going to get tired if they’re in your blog, but all they see is you pushing your product. If you’re all up in their face trying to sell, eventually, they are most likely to find the nearest exit.

Of course, there is no harm or no sin in promoting, just be sure that that isn’t the only thing you’re constantly talking about.

Don’t forget to optimize each post for SEO

For those who aren’t all too familiar with SEO, there is no cause to worry. Lucky for those who have no SEO experience, there are tons of plugins that do the hard work for you. All it takes is a little research, a little understanding, patience and boom! Consider yourself an SEO expert.

With that being said, don’t forget to optimize each post so that search engines will be able to recognize your post and bump it up the search results.

Don’t just stick to one topic or type of content all throughout

Variety, that should be your blog’s best friend. Having a blog doesn’t mean that you’ll only have text posts all throughout, you should utilize it in such a way that you make use of other kinds of posts. Whether it be a video or an infographic, the only way to keep readers entertained and engaged is if you get creative.

Don’t create a dull title for your blog posts

First impressions last! The first touch point between you and your future readers/potential customers is the title of your post. If it isn’t engaging enough, nor if it isn’t enough to get people clicking on your content, then don’t bother posting it. The best way to urge people to click is the title is relatable, or if it creates a sense of urgency from the person reading it.

Don’t forget to end with a call-to-action, comment or engagement

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You may not be able to promote with every blog post you make, but you definitely cannot make use of your blog in the best way possible, right? Bearing that in mind, at the end of every blog post, you may take advantage of that and ask the readers to engage with your piece. Perhaps you can try linking them to your product page? Or even just asking them to leave a comment below on what they think and start the interaction from there? Either way, you should definitely not end with just a statement, there needs to be a call-to-action of sorts.

Don’t just post just to have something in your blog

Before anything, make sure that you and whoever will be posting content for you are on the same page in terms of the brand voice. Are you going for a more serious tone of voice? How about a quirkier, Buzzfeed type? You need to determine these things and make sure everyone is on board. If one thing should be consistent, it’s the blog posts you create and the voice you use within said blog posts. Having a theme is useful as well to make sure there is still a cohesiveness to your blog.

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