2018 Content and SEO Predictions2 min read

SEO and content are changing. Not just the way we do it, but the way people look at it as well.
We tuned into the Content Marketing Institute’s webinar “2018 Content & SEO Predictions,” to learn a little bit about what’s to come. Speakers Wil Reynold’s of Seer Interactive, Seth Besmertnik of Conductor and Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute joined together to give us their insights on the subject.

Here’s their predictions, and what we have to say about them.

Prediction #1: Executives are taking an interest in content and SEO.

2018 SEO predictions

Well, it’s about time. As marketers, we’ve known our worth for a while, but our challenge has been getting others to know our worth.  How do we convince executives that what we’re doing is benefitting their business? We talk their talk by translating our work into dollars and cents. Digital Advertisers have already been able to do this easily, which is why execs have been investing more in their services.  With SEO and content, though, we have to be a bit more strategic. This article from Cognitive SEO gives some great tips on how to show results in numbers to those skeptics. The more the executives see results, the more they’ll be willing to invest in our work.


Prediction #2: SEO is just becoming marketing.

2018 SEo Predictions

As these executives invest more interest (and money) in SEO and content, the more these tools drift further from their roles as silent sidekicks. It’s predicted that this year they will be assumed to be part of the package. Our hope is that executives and decision makers will automatically invest in advertising and SEO without a second thought. It will be common knowledge that it takes all parts to make a successful marketing model for a company.


Prediction #3: The customer is only algorithm that matters.

2018 SEO predictions



In SEO and content, we put in a lot of effort to make Google happy. But let’s not forget about who we’re actually writing for! We can spend hours researching the algorithms and bowing down to Google, but our content and work is nothing if we don’t keep the consumer in the front of our minds. We always should be thinking, “what do they want?” “what are they searching for?” That’s the only way we’ll be able to create quality, captivating content that drives traffic and engagement.

If these predictions come to fruition in 2018, it’s looking like a great year for SEO and content. But only we have the ability to make that change.

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