Out With The Old: Everything Instagram Has In Store for Users3 min read

Most, if not all of the major social media channels have been going through some changes. Since the Facebook Cambridge Analyitca scandal, it seems like social channels have been doing everything in their power to keep their users active. Channels have been updating privacy policies, features, and more just to keep people hooked.
Despite Instagram’s obvious connection to Facebook, it surprisingly hasn’t received much backlash from the scandal. Still, it seems like they’re pulling out all the stops to keep users interested and excited.

Even in testing phases, your company can benefit from learning about these new features. There’s always the possibility to utilize them in the future. From branded filters to trending hashtags, it’s important to stay up to date to know how to better interact with your followers.

There’s a lot to digest. Thankfully, Instagram’s blog has kept us updated on what’s to come. Here’s what users have to look forward to:

Camera Effects

Instagram’s utilizing third parties, including popular publications and influencers like Buzzfeed and Liza Koshy, to create “interactive camera experiences.” This includes different texts, stickers, and filters brought to you by your favorite brands to help users interact.

Sharing to Stories

2018 instagram updates

Courtesy of Instagram Info Center

Though it’s currently limited to Spotify and GoPro, soon users will be able to post directly to Instagram from other apps.  Users can share their new favorite songs, clips, or in the future, even pieces of your business’s app.

Group Video Chat

Ok, so this one might not have anything to do with your business, but it’s just pretty cool. Group texts can get extremely overwhelming, so why not make plans easily but chatting with everyone at once? You can even multi-talk, minimizing the video while looking up a restaurant or buying concert tickets, for example. We’re all excited for this one to roll out.

Explore Page

The personalized Explore Page is getting extra fancy. Instagram has organized content into categories for easier browsing. By utilizing trending hashtags that appear on the page, you can make your posts visible to a larger audience.

Emoji Slider

2018 Instagram Updates

Courtesy of Instagram Info Center

The emoji slider (launched just yesterday) gives followers a new interactive way to rate the questions you pose on your stories. Just like story polls or live stories, fun little additions like this can increase engagement and allow your business to gather feedback quickly.

Inbox Options

Business profiles will be shortly seeing some important updates as well, starting with the inbox. We’ve all struggled with not receiving message alerts and finding mass messages in our “pending” inbox. Well, the fine people at Instagram realized that just doesn’t cut it.  All customer messages will go directly to your main business inbox, and they’ve included options to star and filter messages. Your conversations are safe and you’re easily reminded to follow up with your important customers. Did we mention there’s also a quick-reply option? Because time is certainly of the essence.

Action Buttons

Consumers like to keep it simple, especially when they’re making decisions on their phone. The fewer pages they have to sort through, the better. Instagram will allow business profiles to include action buttons on their pages (eg. Reserve, Get Tickets, Start Order). Followers can make purchases with one seamlessly easy click.


You can’t rely on exciting update to help your business be successful on social media. Let these 9 must-dos be your guide to a great social plan.