10 Amenities your Hotel Needs to Increase Revenue2 min read

Surprisingly, the most sought after hotel amenities aren’t what we’d consider extravagant.

Back in 2014, Hotels.com conducted a survey by interviewing 1,000 travelers from across the globe in order to discover which hotel amenities people care about most. Here’s what the survey found:

1. Complimentary breakfast


Not only do guests want free breakfast, they expect it. Hotels.com discovered 25 percent of travelers will turn their cheek to hotels who do not cater complimentary breakfast.

2. Restaurant

Hotel dining is on the rise. People enjoy the comfort of having food at their fingertips (or more literally, in their hotel lobby).

3. Internet/Free Wi-Fi

hotel wifi amenities

According to Hotels.com, 38 percent of Americans will not book a room unless it offers free Wi-Fi service.

4. Parking


Having access to free parking matters to guests, especially to the 18 percent of Americans who will not book a room unless they have it.

5. 24-hour front desk service

Travelers don’t require giant hot tubs in their rooms, just friendly, prompt service, and open-communication!

6. Smoke-free hotel


Americans are becoming increasingly health conscious. So, staying in a smoke-free environment is of the utmost importance.

7. Swimming pool

hotel pool amenities

Whether it’s for their children, or for themselves, travelers prefer hotels with swimming pools in order to truly kick back and relax.

8. Bar

Similar to hotel restaurants, guests prefer hotels with bars so they may let loose and socialize without venturing too far.

9. Air conditioning

air conditioning amenities

It seems like air conditioning would be a standard amenity, but one can never be too sure.

10. Coffee/tea in lobby

Providing travelers with unlimited access to coffee, tea, and maybe a treat or two, is a comforting gesture that is sure to keep guests returning.

Are you surprised that an indoor water park didn’t make the list? Apparently, the best way to increase hotel revenue is by creating a comfortable environment and providing excellent service for guests. Moreover, it is important that your business meets guest’s core needs before adding pizzazz.


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Pro Tip: Another way to increase hotel revenue through amenities is to lock in on the increasing Green audience. Energy-conscious travelers are particular about where they stay and will seek out establishments that have similar values. So, it may be beneficial for your hotel to implement a Green strategy. Eco-friendly promotions may include but are not limited to, recycling waste, encouraging guests to reuse their towels, providing charging stations for electric cars, and renting out bikes for sight-seeing.

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